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What is Telegram Cloud Storage? How to Use it?

Are you a person who has lots of data and always use cloud storage app for storing them? I have good news for you, my friend. Do you know the famous messaging app Telegram provides Unlimited cloud storage without charging any amount? Yes, my friend, it’s true. Today, I will show you how to store your files on the Telegram app without paying any single rupee.

What is Telegram Cloud Storage?

Cloud Storage is the computer system that provides Storage for your files and folders. On cloud storage, you can save any file, like images, docs, videos, etc.. Cloud storage is online storage that you can access anywhere in the world.

These types of Cloud Storage are mostly paid and very costly. The companies charge monthly for using their cloud storage system. Google also gives only 15GB of data for free. After that, they start charging for cloud storage.

Today, I found a perfect alternative for these paid cloud storages, and it is none other than our favourite messaging app, telegram. Telegram has a feature to store any file in the app. You can access these files anywhere in the world. So, you want to know how to store files on the Telegram cloud? Follow the steps below I shared.

Which Type of File is Supported by Telegram Cloud Storage?

Telegram app storage primarily supports file formats. Below, I share the list of which type of file telegram cloud storage supports.

  • Image Formats. (e.g., JPG, PNG, WEBP, BMP)
  • Video Files. (e.g., MP4, MKV, AVI)
  • Document Files. (e.g., Doc, xls, ppt)
  • Audio Files. (e.g., MP3, Wav)
  • Contact
  • Location
  • Other Files. (e.g., Zip, RAR, Apk, ISO)

How to Use Telegram Cloud Storage

To use the Telegram cloud storage, there are two ways. One uses “Saved Message”, and the other uses Telegram Bot. In this article, we learn about the “Saved Message” Method. Because it is straightforward as compared to the Creating Bot Method. Follow the below step-by-step process of saving your data on Telegram cloud storage.

Step 1: Download the Telegram app and sign up with your Mobile number.

open telegram app mobile 1

Step 2: to open the setting, click on the three-line option, which is present in the top left corner.

three line mobile

Step 3: you will see the “Saved Messages” Option on the options menu. Tap on this option to open this.

Reels Download Telegram 5

Step 4: this is the “Telegram Cloud Storage” area. Here, you can save any file from your local device.

Cloud storage 1

Step 5: Click on the “🔗” Emoji to select the file.

Step 6: Select the image, video, Document, or File to upload on Telegram cloud storage.

Cloud storage 2

Step 7: tap on the send icon.

Cloud storage 3

Step 8: Your local file starts uploading on Telegram storage. You have to wait a few minutes until these files are uploaded.

Cloud storage 4

That’s it. Your files are uploaded to Telegram cloud storage, which you can access on any device.

Note: The step-by-step process applies to Windows Desktop and Apple Devices.

How to Delete Files From Telegram Cloud Storage

Like uploading files, deleting files from Telegram Cloud Storage is also very easy. Follow the below 3 steps to delete files from the Telegram Cloud storage.

Step 1: Open the Cloud Storage setting that means “Saved Messages.”

Reels Download Telegram 5 saved messages

Step 2: Select a file you want to delete and tap the delete icon.

Cloud storage 5

Step 3: Tap the “Delete” button to delete the File from Telegram Cloud Storage.

Cloud storage 6

Thats it. You have successfully deleted files from the Telegram cloud storage. You can delete multiple files at once by selecting each file.

Advantages of Using Telegram Cloud Storage

I have been using Telegram Cloud Storage for a long time, and I found some of the primary reasons why you once tried Telegram Cloud Storage.

1. Free Cloud Storage

The Biggest reason for using Telegram cloud storage is free for every user. We don’t need to pay any amount for storing our precious Data.

2. Store Any File

The Telegram Cloud Storage supports almost every type of Data like Music, Video, Documents, Apk, RAR, Zip, ISO etc.

3. Big File Storage

You can store up to 2GB size files on the telegram cloud storage without hesitation. (if you are a Telegram Premium Member, you can upload up to 4GB files.)

4. Multi-Device Support

One of the best features of telegram is multi-device support. That means you can access your Cloud storage data from mobile, desktop, or the web. You log in with your mobile number or scan QR Code for login.

5. Easy to Use

Telegram Cloud storage is straightforward; even a small kid can use this feature. You don’t need to spend much time learning how to upload on Telegram cloud storage. Just a few steps, and your data is on cloud storage.

Disadvantages of Using Telegram Cloud Storage

Like advantages, I also find some of the significant concerns of telegram cloud storage. Below, I share three reasons you should think twice before using Telegram cloud storage.

1. Privacy Concern

Telegram is a messaging app, so we don’t know who can access our data. There is no dedicated server for storing Data. So, our private data is not 100% Secured.

2. No Password Protection

Many cloud storage companies, like Google, Dropbox, Mega, etc., provide file password protection. That means you can lock your files and folders with password protection. That vital feature is missing in the telegram cloud storage.

3. No Folder Management

All the cloud storage companies provide the feature of making folders in their cloud storage for classifying the Data. You cannot create customisable folders on the other side of the telegram cloud storage. Telegram cloud storage saves the data like we send media in the messaging app.


In my opinion, Telegram Cloud Storage is the best Alternative for Companies like Google and Dropbox. It provides unlimited storage without charging any amount. That’s excellent for a middle-class person who always wanted to save money.

I hope you get what you want on “Telegram Cloud Storage.” Share with your family and friends if you think it is helpful for them. Also, subscribe to my telegram channel for more future updates.

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