5 Best Telegram Gmail Creator Bots 2024

Are you seeking Gmail Creator Bots for the Telegram app for your temporary work? Then you are in the right place. In this article, I will tell you about 5 telegram bots using which you can create temporary Gmail accounts and use them to receive OTPs and Emails.

What is a Telegram Gmail Creator Bot?

Telegram Gmail Creator bot is used to create a temporary email ID. By running this bot, we get an email ID. We can use this email ID for our temporary and anonymous work.

Why Telegram Gmail Creator Bot Use?

Many times, there are some works for which we do not want to use our email ID. We think I must log in; for this, use any other email id. Email bot is used a lot in such works.

Many people use this email bot to open WhatsApp and Telegram accounts, while others resort to this type of email bot to remain anonymous.

A separate section is given in the Telegram email bot, in which the details of all the OTPs that have been received are given. This is the easiest way to receive OTP on an email ID.

Top 5 Telegram Gmail Creator Bots

below, I share the list of some of the top telegram bots that create temporary email IDs you can use for your anonymous works.

1. Temp Mail

Temp Mail is one of the best telegram Bot which is Create Email account for OTPs. This bot is easy to use, and you will get all the OTP on your telegram app. Temp Mail’s official telegram channel has more than 30k subscribers. We will recommend you use this bot first before any other Gmail bot.

2. Email Via Telegram

Email Via Telegram is another famous bot that creates a Gmail account on your Telegram app. This app is very famous in arab countries because the creator of this bot comes from an Arabic country. You can use this telegram bot for your anonymous work, like receiving OTP.

3. Telegram Email

“Telegram Email” is the third number on our list of Gmail creator bots. This bot is very famous for its professional work. The bot creates an email account on your Telegram app specifically made for you. No one will see your emails or OTPs.

4. Fake Email

“Fake Email” is another telegram email bot that creates a temporary email or Gmail account for your secondary works. This bot is also used for creating secret email IDs for anonymous works. This bot is not working right now, but we will update you when it starts working well.

5. Telegram ID to email bot

“Telegram ID to Email Bot” is the last bot in our list that creates an email account. This telegram bot is currently not working very well, which is why I put this bot in the last on my list. You can check yourself if this bot is working or not.

How To Use Telegram Gmail Bot?

The wait is over, and I will tell you how you can use these telegram Gmail creator bots with just a few easy steps. You can use any of the above list bots for creating Temporary Gmail Accounts. So, let’s start.

Step 1: Open the Telegram app.

open telegram app mobile

Step 2: Click on the search icon given in the right-side corner.

telegram search icon

Step 3: Search and open the “TeMail_Robot” bot.

telegram email bot 1

Step 4: “/start” the “temail robot” bot.

telegram email bot 2

Step 5: A notification will appear in front of you, in which it will be written that you can use this bot by following the channel below. First, follow both these telegram channels.

telegram email bot 3

Step 6: After following the Telegram channel, click on the “joined” button given below. If you have not joined the channel, the bot will not run, so join the channel first.

telegram email bot 4

Step 7: Click the “generate email” button to generate the temporary email.

telegram email bot 5

Step 8: Within a few seconds, an email ID will appear in front of you, which has been generated temporarily for you.

telegram email bot 6

Step 9: To check email, click “view inbox in browser” and open the link.

Step 10: Here, you can check your email.

telegram email bot 9

Step 11: If you don’t want to check your email but have signed up somewhere and want to see OTP, click the “check OTP” button. If your OTP has come, it will appear here. Otherwise, the message of no OTP will be displayed in front of you.

telegram email bot 10
telegram email bot 12

Step 12: As soon as your work is done and you do not need this email, you can delete all your Otp and email by clicking the “delete” button. In this way, your privacy will be maintained.

telegram email bot 11

Advantages of using Gmail Creator Bots

I have used many Gmail Creator bots for telegram, and I find some of the most important advantages that you have to look at. Below, I share 6 advantages of using Gmail creator bots.

1. Disposable Gmail Address

These types of telegram Gmail creator bots provide disposable email accounts. That means if you don’t want to use this temporary email address, it will be automatically removed from the internet. Because of this, your private emails will not be seen by anyone worldwide.

2. Get Email Notifications

Many Gmail creator telegram bots provide email notification options. That means if you receive any email on your temporary email account, it will show the notification within the Telegram app. This feature is very useful for someone using temporary email for office or working purposes.

3. Receive OTP

Every Email Creator bot provides an OTP receiving option. Using this feature, if you get OTP on your email ID, it automatically shows in the bot. So you can directly access your OTP without opening the email account in the browser.

4. Remain Anonymous

Many people use this type of email address to make accounts on adult websites. This Gmail creator helps the person remain anonymous on such websites.

5. Easy to Use

Every single Gmail creator bot is very easy to use. If you follow our above steps, everyone can create their Temporary Gmail account using the Gmail creator bot.

6. No Cost for Bot

In the above list of telegram Gmail creator bots, many are free of cost. These bots provide premium features like notification OTP and automatically destroy without taking any single penny from the user.

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I hope you would have found our Gmail Creator bot article informative. If you have any questions, then comment below. You will be fully supported. Also, join my telegram channel for future updates.

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