Top 10 Best Telegram File to Link Bot 2024

Are you seeking a File to Link Bot for the Telegram app? Then you have come to exactly the right place. In this article, we will tell you about 10 such bots using which you can convert any file into a link and share it with anyone.

What is a Telegram File to Link Bot?

A File to link Telegram bots are those using which you can convert any file, video, or image into a link and share that link with any of your family members or friends. These bots are mostly free, and their use is also completely different.

Why File to Link Bots Used?

Normally, we can share any file through Telegram, but sometimes, some files or videos are very large, and we cannot send them in one go. At this time, we use the file to link the bot. This bot takes our files, uploads them to any cloud storage server like Google Drive or Dropbox, and generates a unique link. This link is only for us, and we can use it. After our work is done, we can destroy this link so it cannot be misused.

Top 5 Best File to Link Bots

So many telegram bots are available that convert Files into Links, but some are not working well. below I share the top 5 telegrams “file to link” bot, which works like a speed car.

1. URL Uploader

“URL Uploader” is a famous telegram bot used for Making Streaming Video Links. You can upload large file videos; this bot converts them into a link, which works as a streaming platform. You can share this link, and the other person can watch the videos by clicking. You can also set the custom thumbnail to a video link. Remember that this telegram bot does not support the Google Drive links.

2. RenameBot

“Rename Bot” is another telegram bot used for making video files to link. This telegram bot converts video file links without any problem. This telegram bot also supports custom thumbnail support for generated links.

3. Direct Link Generator

“Direct Link Generator” is the telegram bot that supports any file for converting into a link. You have to send files to this telegram bot, and this bot provides you direct download link of files within a few minutes.

4. File_To Link

The “File to Link” telegram bot is the fourth in our list, which converts any files into a downloadable link. This telegram bot also supports large-size files.

5. File 2 Link Bot

“File 2 Link Bot” is the last bot in our list that converts files into links. This telegram bot can make direct downloadable and streaming links for video files. We recommend you to use this telegram bot at once.

All File to Link Telegram Bot

File to Link Bot NameJoining Link
URL UploaderJoin Here
Rename BotJoin Here
Direct Link GeneratorJoin Here
File To Link BotJoin Here
File 2 Link BotJoin Here
Public Link GeneratorJoin Here
Crazy Instant Link BotJoin Here
File to Link BotJoin Here
Fast Link GeneratorJoin Here

Disclaimer: All the bots in this post were collected from the internet. We do not have any connection with these Telegram Bots. We are not responsible for anything happening using these bots. Use it at your own risk.

How to use the file to link Bot

here, I will share how you can use the file to link the bot in just a few simple steps. Remember that you can apply the below method on any telegram “Files to the link” bot. There are minor differences in methods, but if you learn the below method, you can easily access the above file to link bots.

Step 1: Open the Telegram app.

open telegram app on android mobile

Step 2: Search “AnyURLDLBot” in the search.

file to link telegram 1

Step 3: Start AnyURLDLBot.

file to link telegram 2

Step 4: Upload your large file to the bot.

file to link telegram 3

Step 5: Also upload a thumbnail for the file.

file to link telegram 4

Step 6: After waiting some time, the bot will automatically generate a unique link for you. You can access your file by opening this link.

file to link telegram 5

Advantages of Using File to Link Bot

After using so many file-to-link bots, I found some of the main reasons you need to use these telegram bots. Below, I share four major advantages of using “File to Link Bot“.

1. Free to Use

one of the best things about these telegram bots is they are free. You don’t need to pay any amount to make downloadable links.

2. Send Big Size Files

you can send any size of a file on this bot, and within a minute, the bot converts the file into downloadable links, which is fantastic.

3. Make a Streaming Video Link

These telegram bots can make video files into streaming links. This is very good for someone not working on streaming video content.

4. Secure File Transfer

in today’s world, security is a big concern, and that’s why lots of people are afraid to share personal files and folders online. But these telegram bots are more secure. They used encryption to convert files into links, which is the most secure thing on the internet. So don’t be afraid to use these telegram bots.


I hope you would have liked this article of ours. If you have any questions, then comment below, and you will be given a reply.

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