What is Flirtu Bot? How to Use it?

Are you looking for a partner to share your feelings? So, you are on the right track. I will share how you can find your better half using a Flirtu bot. So, are you ready to know more about the Flirtu bot?

What is Flirtu Bot

Flirtu bot is one of the most used telegram apps in the world. This bot is used as a dating bot. You can find what time off partner you want. Flirtu Bot has tons of unique features so you can find your soulmate easily.

The best thing about the Flirtu app is that you don’t need to pay anything to chat with strangers. You find your partner and talk with them. No privacy problem occurs. Flirtu telegram bot is used by people all over the world. So you can find a partner across the country.

Note: Below, we use the Android device for your demonstration of how you can use the Flirtu bot in the Telegram app. The method below is also applicable to iOS and Windows OS devices.

How to Use Flirtu Bot in Telegram

So, I will tell you how to use the Flirtu bot to find your date. Below, I share the step-by-step process to use the Flirtu app.

Step 1: to use the Flirtu bot, download the telegram app from playstore. If you already have a telegram app, open the app.

open telegram app mobile

Step 2: click on the search icon, which is present in the top right corner.

telegram search icon

Step 3: on the search bar, write “Flirtu bot.” When you enter the text, there are many bots shown. Select the top bot.

Flirtu Bot Telegram 1

Step 4: To start the processing, click on the start button.

Flirtu Bot Telegram 2

Step 5: Select the language In which the bot communicates with you. (e.g., English)

Flirtu Bot Telegram 3

Step 6: Select your gender from the below buttons. (e.g., Male)

Flirtu Bot Telegram 4

Step 7: Enter your city name where you live. (e.g., Mumbai)

Flirtu Bot Telegram 5

Step 8: Enter your current age. (e.g., 26)

Flirtu Bot Telegram 6

Step 9: in the final step, you must upload any current picture. If you upload any random things images, then the bot will not approve your profile. So, only upload a human image to proceed.

Flirtu Bot Telegram 7
Flirtu Bot Telegram 8

Step 10: When you complete the above steps correctly, the moderator will approve your profile. Now, you can use this Flirtu bot. Click on the start button to see the profile of a person. If you like the person’s profile, you can directly DM them by clicking “profile” text. If you want another profile, click the “X” button on the bottom.

Flirtu Bot Telegram 9
Flirtu Bot Telegram 10

Step 11: there are many more options on the menu button; you can try them individually.

Advantages of Telegram Flirtu Bot

I use this Flirtu bot, so I will give my opinion about what are the advantages of using Flirtu bot. Below, I share some points that are unique in the Flirtu bot.

  • Flirtu bot provides lots of features in a free plan.
  • You can chat with anyone anonymously.
  • You can find partners across the oceans.
  • There are tons of features in the Flirtu bot.
  • Your mobile number is not shared with anyone.
  • You can choose your partner by watching their profile.

Disadvantages of Telegram Flirtu Bot

After using the Flirtu bot for a long time, I discovered something I don’t like about this bot. Below I share my opinion of flirtu bot disadvantages.

  • Here, one can make a profile. That means you don’t know if the other person is real.
  • Some scammers are also present on the Flirtu app who chat with people and steal their money or private data.
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Flirtu Bot Alternative

Many more telegram bots are similar to flirtu bots. To read more about the flirtu telegram bot, read my article Top 6 telegram dating bots.”

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Q: Flirtu telegram is real or fake?

Flirtu Telegram bot is 100% real.


I hope you like my article. Please comment below with your thought about this writing. Please comment below or email us with any questions regarding this topic. Please also join my telegram channel for more tips and tricks.

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