Telegram Big Update: No Sim Require for Sign up, Auto Delete Chats & More

Telegram app is becoming a popular app among people. Some new features keep coming into it. Telegram released its big update on 6 December 2022. In this update, Telegram has introduced many new features in its app. All the features given in this update have been explained in detail below.

Sign up without a SIM card

Telegram app, which pays a lot of attention to security, now also has the facility to open a Telegram account without a sim. You can also create a Telegram account with the number taken from Fragment, a website that provides anonymous numbers. You do not need any physical sim card to create a Telegram account.

Auto-Delete All Chats

Now the feature of auto-delete messages is available in Telegram, with the help of which you can set the auto-delete time of every chat.

Topics 2.0

This feature is available for the group. Now you can divide the topic in the group into two columns and easily switch between topic and general chat.

Aggressive Anti-Spam

Telegram groups with more than 200 members can take advantage of this feature. After turning on the aggressive mode in Telegram, Telegram will automatically delete spam messages in the group.

Temporary QR codes

If you do not want anyone to know your username and phone number, then now the feature of Temporary QR codes has come in Telegram. Using this feature, you can generate a temporary QR, give it to anyone, and chat with it without disclosing your number.

Emoji search on iOS

As we used to search English words in Android and access their related emoji, now you can also use the same feature in iOS.

Detailed Storage Usage and More on Android

Telegram has added a new feature by changing the storage details in Android. Now you can see in the storage which chat has consumed how much storage, and you can delete it individually.

New Custom Emoji

Telegram has introduced 10 new custom emoji packs for its premium users.

More Interactive Emoji

As we have used interactive emojis in Telegram, some new emojis have been added. You can use these emojis in chat.

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