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How To Make Custom Telegram Stickers 2024

Are you a person who repeatedly uses stickers in chats and wants to make your custom telegram stickers? Then you are at the right place. today, I will teach you how to easily make custom telegram stickers without paying any amount.

Today, you get many stickers on every social media messaging App. You cannot make stickers of your choice in all these apps. But Telegram is the only App you can use to create stickers and share them with friends and family.

You do not need to be a developer to create stickers for Telegram. To make stickers, you only need images you want to make stickers and a Telegram bot.

Custom Telegram Stickers Making Requirements

There are some important requirements to make telegram stickers. Without completing these requirements, you cannot make custom telegram stickers. Read carefully the below requirements.

  • You must have png or webp images whose resolution is 512*512 pixels.
  • The number of stickers you want to make that much separate image file will be required.
  • The icon pack is optional. If you want to make an icon pack, you have to make 100*100 Pixels images.

How to Convert JPG into PNG or WEBP for Telegram Stickers

If you have a jpg image and want to make telegram stickers, then it is impossible with it. To produce stickers using the Telegram bot, you must first convert a JPG image to a PNG or webp format. If you are using pc, you can convert your image to a PNG or webp using any photo editor like Photoshop.

The easiest way to convert images from a jpg file into png or webp is by using the “” website. You can convert to PNG or webp by uploading pictures on this website.

How to Make Telegram Stickers on Android Mobile

To Make Custom Telegram Sticker, below I share step by step process. Please read every step carefully; otherwise, you will not get the desired output.

Step 1: Open the telegram app. Go to the search icon and search “stickers.”

Telegram Sticker mobile 1

Step 2: Click on the blue verifiedstickers” bot.

Telegram Sticker mobile 2

Step 3: Click the start button after the stickers bot is open.

Telegram Sticker mobile 3

Step 4: Click on “/newpack” to create your sticker pack.

Telegram Sticker mobile 4

Step 5: Type a name for your sticker pack.

Telegram Sticker mobile 5

Step 6: Upload the file created in webp or png. Keep in mind that this file should be uploaded in uncompressed format. Otherwise, it will give you an error.

Telegram Sticker mobile 6

Step 7: Assign at least one emoji to your sticker. You can assign more than one emoji.

Telegram Sticker mobile 7

Step 8: Your sticker has been created. If you want to add more stickers to your pack, upload images and assign emojis.

Telegram Sticker mobile 8

Step 9: Enter the “/publish” command when all your stickers are made.

Telegram Sticker mobile 9

Step 10: If you want to create an Icon pack, you can make it here. Otherwise, skip this step by typing the “/skip” command.

Telegram Sticker mobile 10

Step 11: Give your sticker pack a unique short name, using which the bot will create a unique link by which you and all your friends and family can use this sticker pack.

Telegram Sticker mobile 11

Step 12:Kaboom!” Your sticker has been created. Anyone can use your stickers by using the link given in the bot.

Telegram Sticker mobile 12
Telegram Sticker mobile 13

Note: Windows PCs and Apple Mobile also work the above steps.


I think you completely know the whole process of making custom telegram stickers. You can make multiple sticker packs without paying for the telegram app. you need some time to make the custom stickers.

I hope you like my article “How to make custom stickers on telegram“. Share with your family and friends if you think it is informational. Also, join my telegram channel for more useful content.

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