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How To Find and Join Telegram Groups 2024

Are you looking for Telegram groups or channels and want to know How to Find and Join Telegram Groups? Then you are at the right place. In this article, I will share complete information about how you can join telegram groups.

Telegram is the most used messaging app in the world today. People come to Telegram because unique features like groups and channels have been given, which are not available in WhatsApp. Creating a group of lakhs people in the Telegram app is also possible. Along with this, many unique features are also available in this.

Types of Groups

There are two types of groups in the Telegram app. First “public group” and second “private group”.

1. Public Group

Public groups are those in which any person with a telegram can join. These groups are available for everyone.

2. Private Group

Private groups are those groups that not everyone can join. A unique link is required to join these types of groups. This link only generates group admin. He can get the person he wants to join through that link, or the admin can add him to the direct group.

How to find and join telegram groups (Android/iOS/Windows)

There are many ways to find and join Telegram’s groups and channels. Each method has been explained in detail below.

1. Search in the Telegram App

The easiest way to find Telegram groups and channels is to search in Telegram. Make sure to note that only those public groups and public channels will be visible in Telegram’s search. The steps to use Telegram search are given below.

Step 1: Open the telegram app.

open telegram app on android mobile

Step 2: Click on the search icon.

telegram mobile search

Step 3: Type the topic you want to search for in the group. e.g., “cooking tips.”

telegram mobile group find 1

Step 4: You will see groups and channels in the list. Select the group according to your choice.

telegram mobile group find

Step 5: Click on the “join group” or “join channel.” In this way, you can join a group or channel with the help of a Telegram search.

telegram mobile group find 2

2. Search Online

Many such websites share the link of public and private groups directly. You can search for the group of your choice by visiting these websites and can join those groups through the invite link. Below is the process of joining a group using a website with steps.

Step 1: Open the “” website.

Search Online telegram group 1

Step 2: Search the group of your choice. e.g., “memes.”

Search Online telegram group

Step 3: Click on the group or channel of your choice.

Search Online telegram group

Step 4: Click on view channel or view group.

Search Online telegram group

Step 5: Click on join channel or join the group.

Search Online telegram group

3. by using bots

The most remarkable thing about the Telegram app is that you can use bots for every work. Similarly, if you want to find a Telegram channel or group, you can do it using a bot. Below are the steps by which you can use the Telegram bot to find the groups.

Step 1: Open the telegram app.

open telegram app on android mobile

Step 2: Search “Searchee Bot.”

find group using bot 1
find group using bot 2

Step 3: click the bot to start.

find group using bot 3

Step 4: Select language.

find group using bot 4

Step 5: Enter keywords as per your choice.

find group using bot 5

Step 6: Click on the group or channel you like.

find group using bot 6

Step 7: Click on the open channel or open group.

find group using bot 7

Step 8: Click on Join Channel or Join Group.

find group using bot 8

4. Using invite links

The easiest way to join the Telegram group or channel is by using the invite link. You can get this link through an online website or group admin. This link looks something like this “” You can join that group using this link.

5. Nearby groups

You can use the nearby feature if you want to join public groups and channels in your area. The steps to use Nearby are given below.

Step 1: Open the Telegram app.

open telegram app on android mobile

Step 2: Click on the 3-line icon in the top left.

open 3 line icon mobile

Step 3: Click on the people nearby option.

people nearby 1

Step 4: Allow the location by clicking on allow access.

people nearby 2
people nearby 3

As soon as you allow the location, a list of all the local groups in your area will appear. Join any of these groups or channels that you like.

I hope you get answers to all your questions. If you have any queries, please feel free to comment below.

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