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How To Download Voice Messages in Telegram 2024

Are you seeking to download voice messages in the Telegram app? Then you are at the right place. Today, I will share how you can download voice messages in the Telegram app on your smartphone and desktop. Are you ready to learn this method? Let’s start.

What is Telegram Voice Message?

Voice Message is a very interesting and unique feature in the Telegram app. It is used for communication purposes for people who don’t know how to write. Sometimes, you don’t want to text, but chatting is important. Also, the voice message feature is very useful.

You can send voice messages by clicking the microphone icon before the message send button. If you want to send a long voice message, then you have to swipe up the microphone icon to lock the voice recording for a long time.

Note: if you see the video message option, one tap on the icon will replace it with the voice message (microphone) icon.

If you have a special conversation or any important voice message you thought about, save this for the future. But is it possible to save the voice messages in the telegram app? Of course, my friend, saving voice messages on your smartphone and Desktop is a very easy method.

Types of Voice Messages Downloading Methods

Two types of voice message downloading methods are present in the Telegram app. The first is Auto downloading Voice Messages, and the second is the Manual downloading Method.

1. Manual Downloading Voice Messages

In the manual download method, you must also download every voice message by clicking the download button. You cannot listen to any voice message in your Telegram app without clicking the download button. People with very little storage in their smartphones use this manual downloading method.

2. Auto Downloading Voice Message

You don’t want to download any voice message yourself in the auto-downloading voice message method. When the sender sends any voice message to you, it will automatically download to your smartphone or desktop. This method is normally used by a person who doesn’t have any storage issues.

How to download Voice Messages on your phone?

It is very easy to download voice messages on your smartphone. Below, I share the step-by-step process of downloading voice messages and finding their download location in your internal storage.

Step 1: if you enable the manual download method, you must click the download icon on the voice message.  Otherwise, it will be downloaded automatically when you open the telegram app or receive this voice message.

Step 2: Open the file manager app on your mobile.

download voice messages Mobile 1

Step 3: select the internal storage option.

download voice messages Mobile 2

Step 4: sometimes, you will see the telegram folder directly in internal storage, but if you do not see this folder, then go to the Android folder.

download voice messages Mobile 3

Step 5: Open Media Folder.

download voice messages Mobile 4

Step 6: Open the “org.telegram.messenger” folder.

download voice messages Mobile 5

Step 7: Open the Telegram folder.

download voice messages Mobile 6

Step 8: Open the Telegram Audio Folder.

download voice messages Mobile 7

Step 9: You will see all the voice messages you receive in the telegram app. You can move these files to any other folder or other device.

download voice messages Mobile 8

How to Download Voice Messages on Telegram Desktop?

Unlike smartphones, downloading a voice message is very easy on the desktop. You don’t have to do many steps to get your voice messages. Follow the step-by-step process to get voice messages on your personal computer.

Step 1: Open the Telegram Desktop Version on your PC.

Step 2: Open the chat in which you have voice messages.

Step 3: Click on the Download icon on the voice message.

download voice messages pc 1

Step 4: Right-click on the voice message and click the “Save as” option.

download voice messages pc 2

Step 5: Select the folder to save this voice message file.

Step 6: that’s it. Your voice message file is downloaded successfully to your desktop.

Note: the default telegram voice messages file extension is “.ogg,” which is not working on some devices. If you want to use this file on any device, then you have to convert this file into “.mp3” format.

How to Convert voice messages (.ogg) files into MP3 Format?

When you download the telegram voice message file, that file is in .ogg format. So, if you want to convert this file into .mp3 format, follow the method below.

Step 1: Open the telegram app.

open telegram app mobile

Step 2: go to the search icon, which is present in the top right corner.

telegram search icon

Step 3: search “MP3 Tools” and open the bot shown in the image below.

ogg to mp3 coverter bot 1

Step 4: Click on the Start Button.

ogg to mp3 coverter bot 2

Step 5: Upload your “.ogg” file into the mp3 tools bot.

ogg to mp3 coverter bot 3

Step 6: you have to wait a few seconds because this telegram bot converts this Ogg file into mp3.

ogg to mp3 coverter bot 5

Step 7: After processing, you will see the voice message file in MP3 format. Click the download button and save it in the internal storage.

ogg to mp3 coverter bot 6

That’s it. You have successfully converted your .ogg file into the mp3 format. Now, you can use this file on any device.

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