5 Best Telegram Photo Editor Bot 2024

Are you a person who is always active on social media and wants every picture you post to be perfect? That’s the right place for you, my friend. Today, I will tell you that without any paid apps, you can edit your photos using the famous Telegram chatting app. You don’t below that? So let’s start to learn something unique you cannot see before.

What is a Photo Editor bot?

A photo editor bot is like another telegram bot used to edit your photos. In this bot, you can edit, change the background, remove the background, change the picture tone, make cartoon photos, change colour, add filters, etc. The main advantage of using a photo editor bot is that it is completely free. You don’t want to pay a single penny for editing your photo.

5 Best Telegram Photo Editor Bots for 2024

Here, I will share the top 5 photo editor bots I used. All these photo editor bots are free to use and easy to use. So check out which one you like.

1. Stable Diffusion (stable_diffusion_bot)

Stable diffusion bot is one of the best telegram photo editor apps I ever used. This bot is powered by artificial intelligence. You can give text commands, making the most realistic and accurate images you want. This bot is similar to any other AI image generator website. I forced you to try this bot at once.

2. Pic Bot (picfacebot)

Picbot is a complete photo editor app. Using this bot, you can add filters, add mashups on your face, change the colour tone of photos, etc. It is a very easy-to-use bot. Many shortcut buttons are present by using this, and you can change your images without hesitation.

3. Background Eraser (BGeraser_bot)

Background eraser telegram bot is used to remove background from the image. This bot removes the background so accurately that you cannot find any mistakes in the image. Background eraser bot uses artificial intelligence to remove the background. This bot detects objects with 100% accuracy. So if you want to remove the background from your image, don’t use any heavy software or apps. Go to telegram and search this bot, or you can directly go by clicking on the link.

4. Colorizerbot (photocolorizerbot)

A Colorizer bot is used for colour changes. In this bot, when you upload a black & white colour photo, this bot converts the photo into a colourized form. The Colorizer bot is so accurate that you cannot find any image defect. Colorizer bot uses artificial intelligence to change the colour of your image.

How to use the Photo Editor bot in Telegram

I will share how you can use this photo editor bot on your Telegram app. In this section, I only share one telegram photo editor bot step. These bots are easy to use, so if you learn one photo editor bot, you can easily use the above 5 bots. So, let’s start the process.

Note: same steps you can follow for your iOS and Windows PC.

Step 1: First, open the Telegram app on your Android, Windows, or iOS Device.

open telegram app mobile

Step 2: Go to the search icon in the top right corner.

telegram search icon

Step 3: search “picfacebot” and select the bot shown in the image below.

Telegram Photo editor bots 2023 1

Step 4: After opening the bot, click the start button to start the process.

Step 5: you will see some random pics with numbers. These are the templates for the photo which you want to select. Select one template which is like.

Telegram Photo editor bots 2023 2

Step 6: when you select numbers, one message appears, shown below the image. This message meant that you had to subscribe to both channel to use this photo editor bot.

Telegram Photo editor bots 2023 3

Step 7: subscribe to both channels and click the third button, which is the green tick mark. If you do not subscribe to this channel, then you cannot use this photo editor bot.

Telegram Photo editor bots 2023 4

Step 8: Upload the picture you want to edit.

Telegram Photo editor bots 2023 5

Step 9: After uploading the image, wait a few seconds.

Step 10: bot automatically generates your image. You can change filters by clicking the numbers shown below on the image.

Telegram Photo editor bots 2023 6

Advantages of photo editor bot

There are many advantages to using the Photo Editor app instead of photo editor tools. Below I am sharing some advantages of using the Telegram photo editor bot.

  • These bots are easy to use.
  • They produce 100% accurate images which you want it.
  • No need to download heavy software or apps.
  • You don’t need to pay any amount to use these bots.
  • Access your bot from any part of the world.
  • It provides tons of features that provide paid tools. (e.g., filters, crop, Color tone, remove background, create image by text, add animation, etc.)
  • There are many bots present for photo editing.

Disadvantages of photo editor bot

Just like any other thing, this bot also has some disadvantages. Below I share some disadvantages of using photo editor bots.

  • You need a telegram app always.
  • You must upload your images on the bot server, which breaches privacy.
  • You are always thinking about your private data leaks.
  • Sometimes bots are not working properly.
  • Many telegram photo editor bots are spammy. They show ads on your device without your permission.

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I hope you like my experience with the photo editor bot for Telegram. If you have any queries, please get in touch with us by email, or you can join my telegram channel, where I share every update regarding telegram app.

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