15 Best Technology Telegram Groups 2024

Are you a tech enthusiast and always wanted to learn something new? Those groups are only made for you. Today, I discovered the top 15 groups based on technology. So, are you excited to know which are these groups? Let’s start.

Technology is becoming more complex daily, and it is very difficult to understand everything that occurs in the tech world. Many things are coming in this era, like Artificial intelligence, Virtual Reality, new programming languages, Chat GPT, Data Science, Mobile Development, App development, SEO and many more.

To learn everything is not a cup of tea for us. We choose one or two topics on our interest in these technologies in vast. So today, I came up with some of the top technology groups, which is very beneficial for you if you want to learn something new every day. There is lots of tech enthusiast like you available in these groups.

Top 5 Technology Groups

Out of 15 technology telegram groups, I found the top 5 tech groups informative and helpful for interest-based topics.

1. Nicegram Chat

“Nicegram Chat” is heaven for you if you are an app developer. More than 18K members are present in this telegram group who are only interested in app development. In this telegram group, members discuss apps, report bugs and suggest new features for app development. If you are an app developer, join this awesome telegram group to increase your knowledge.

2. C/C++ Programming

C and C++ is the famous programming language in the world. Lots of developers are working on this particular language. So if you are a C and C++ programmer, check the “C/C++ Programming” Telegram group. This group has more than 17K members from all over the world.

3. Telegram Android Talk

“Telegram Android Talk” is a dedicated group for Android app developers. In this group, 5K members are present. This group only discuss about Android app, bugs, and reports. There are many newbies and experienced developers present in this group.

4. Python

“Python” is the most famous programming language, and this group is dedicated to Python development. Here, more than 2 lakh members are present. You get lots of knowledge about Python programming language.

5. Java Programming Chat

“Java Programming Chat” is a famous telegram group of Java developers. In this group, more than 3K members are present who are working for companies or newbies. Here, you can ask anything about Java programming language, and the experts will help you to solve problems.

All Technology Telegram Groups Joining Link

Below, I share the freely available Technology telegram Groups join link. This list is updated timely. So, you will get Weekly new Technology Telegram Groups.

Telegram Groups NameJoin Links
Nicegram ChatJoin Here
PythonJoin Here
Darl Tech SolutionsJoin Here
Top Tech ProgramsJoin Here
Geeks ChatJoin Here
Android TalkJoin Here
Jailbreak CommunityJoin Here
Android Customisation WorldJoin Here
Hacking EmpireJoin Here
Java Programming ChatJoin Here
Data ScienceJoin Here
XDA OTJoin Here
PC & TechJoin Here
Gadgets NewsJoin Here
Hackotorial Discussion ForumJoin Here
C/C++Join Here
FedoraJoin Here
Tech world impactJoin Here
LinuxgramJoin Here
Hacker ChatterJoin Here

Disclaimer: All the channels and groups in this post are collected online. We do not have any connection with these channels and groups. We are not responsible for the content on their media; join at your own risk.

Advantages of Joining Technology Groups

After joining and using these telegram channels, I found some major advantages of joining these technology groups. Below, I share 4 major points why you must join these technology groups

1. Free Everything

In these technology telegram groups, you will get tons of experience and guidance from every member without paying a single rupee. That is one of the best things you get from these groups.

2. Experienced Persons

Many experienced people in these groups who have been working in fields for decades are available. They provide beneficial information in these groups, which is very helpful for the person who just entered in specific field.

3. Get More Friends with the Same interest

In these groups, there are lots of members who are interested in topics which you are. So there is much chance to make friends who has the same interest.

4. Learn New Thing Everyday

Daily, new technology and news are coming out in the tech world. To be aware of these news and tech, these groups are very beneficial. They provide up-to-date information about technologies.


Joining these telegram groups is more beneficial than entertainment-related groups. You will get knowledge and learn from experienced people who have already worked in these sectors for decades.

I hope you like my article on “Best Technology Groups”. She this with your family and friends if you think it’s informational. Also, join my telegram channel for future updates.

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