10 Best UPSC Telegram Channels for Aspirants 2024

For those who are UPSC aspirants and want to crack the Exam, here is good news for you guys. I found some of the best telegram channels where you will get UPSC exam-related notes, question papers, Important questions, Books, etc., free of cost. So, if you are a UPSC aspirant, you love these telegram channels.

UPSC (Union Public Service Commission) is India’s premium central recruitment agency that recruited Group A officers. The UPSC exam is India’s toughest and the 2nd toughest exam globally.

After cracking UPSC, there is a lot of opportunities available for candidate. There are many services like IAS, IPS, IFoS, IFS, IAAS, and many more. Cracking the UPSC is not a cup of tea for every person. There are lots of things sacrificed by the UPSC Aspirant to get the job.

If you have a gut to crack the UPSC exam and want to serve your country, then these telegram channels are for you. Many people use the telegram app for just movies and entertainment types of downloading stuff. But there are lots of channels available on the Telegram app in which you get study materials for competitive exams.

Top 5 UPSC Channels

There are lots of UPSC channels available on the Telegram app, but I discovered some of the best Channels for UPSC aspirants. Below, I share the list of the Top 5 UPSC telegram channels beneficial for Aspirants.

1. Acumen IAS

Acumen IAS is one of the best telegram channels for UPSC Aspirants. Here, more than 12K followers are present. On the Acumen IAS telegram channel, you will get Quizzes on UPSC, Question paper PDF, and Notes. You can try this channel once.

2. UPSC Materials Prelims Mains PDF

“UPSC Materials Prelims Mains PDF” telegram channel provides a Mock test on UPSC. They provide notes and pdf for study. There is more than 2 Lakh subscriber on this telegram channel.

3. Clear IAS

“Clear IAS” is one of the most famous telegram channels for the UPSC exam. There are more than 25K subscribers on the Clear IAS telegram channel. They provide study materials, quizzes, question paper PDFs, Mock Tests, and many more.

4. Mathematics Optional

“Mathematics Optional” is the most famous telegram channel for UPSC Mathematics Preparations. They provide notes, quizzes, and study material on Mathematics. There are 9K subscribers on the Telegram channel.


“CSAT Mantra” is, last but not least, a telegram channel for UPSC aspirants. They provide Previous year’s question papers and conduct Mock tests on UPSC. “CSAT Mantra” has more than 18k subscribers on the Telegram channel.

All UPSC Telegram Channels Joining Link

Below, I share the freely available UPSC telegram channels join link. This list is updated timely. So, you will get Weekly new UPSC Telegram Channels.

Telegram Channel NameJoin Link
Acumen IASJoin Here
UPSC Materials Prelims Mains PDFJoin Here
Clear IASJoin Here
Mathematics OptionalJoin Here

Disclaimer: All the channels and groups in this post are collected online. We do not have any connection with these channels and groups. We are not responsible for the content on their media; join at your own risk.

Advantages of Joining UPSC Channels

After joining and using these UPSC channels, I discovered some of the benefits. Below, I share 4 major reasons for joining these UPSC preparation Telegram Channels.

1. Study Materials

One of the major reasons you must join these UPSC channels is you get lots of study materials without paying any single rupee. You will get notes, PDFs, question papers, study books, etc., free of cost. That means you get everything you want, but you don’t need to pay for this. It’s great for students.

2. Exam Preparation

These telegram channels conduct mock tests, which is very beneficial for any student who wants to prepare for UPSC exams. Also, you get the solution of the question paper after the exam so you can cross-check which question you did wrong.

3. Learn from experienced teachers

In this type of UPSC Preparation telegram channel, there are lots of teachers available who have many years of experience in the UPSC exam. So, you get quality content in these types of telegram channels.

4. Get More Aspirants Friends

These types of Channels and groups join only the person who wants to crack the UPSC civil service exam. That means you can make many friends with the same energy and vibe for UPSC exams.


I hope you like my content on “Best Telegram For UPSC Aspirants.” Share this information with your family and friends who desperately need to crack the UPSC. Also, you can join my telegram channel for future updates.

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